A Bergerac, Nancy

Albert Bergerac was the most prolific of the early French postcard photographers, printers and publishers. Early cards have a small roundel A B & Cie Nancy in black or red. In 1905 he merged with two other Nancy printers to form Imprimies RĂ©unies of Nancy or I.R.N. which mainly produced view cards with IRN ususally spelled out in full down the side. At this stage the firms were producing 100 million cards a year. Bergerac continued to produce "Fantasie" cards for a time with the Bergerat name down the side, particulary in 1905. After WW1 production at Nancy lapsed as newer printing methods took over. See http://fantaisiesbergeret.free.fr/.

Milo d'Arcylle Gymnase AB&Cie - an actress.
Milo d'Arcylle Gymnase AB&Cie (verso)