Charles L’Hôpital et Cie Paris

C.L.C. (Charles L’Hôpital et Cie) was a postcard publishing house founded by Charles L’Hôpital in Paris, based on an earlier business, J Duval & Cie. CLC had a single curly capital L entwined in the anchor, Duval had the letters J D and C. It has been suggested that the companies were supported by ELD, which absorbed them in 1905 but continued to issue cards with anchor logos until around 1909. Many of the cards are views. Some early cards used images which come from Rotophot cards.

frm 1905 Annuaire-Almanach du Commerce .. Didot-Bottin Paris
CLC 2875
CLC advertising card
The anchor logo is not always present
cf RPH series 133