Polyphot G. m. b. H, Munich

There were evidently quite a few postcard companies in Munich in the 1900s as the following, aleady in some sort of cartel, were awarded the right to produce official postcards of the Munich Exhibition of 1908:

C. Andelfinger & Co.;
Kunst- und Verlagsanstalt F. Bruckmann, A.-G.;
Oskar Consée;
Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst, G. m. b. H.;
Graphia, G. m. b. H.;
Hubert Köhler ;
Graph. Kunstanstalt Meisenbach, Riffarth & Co.;
Polyphot G. m. b. H.;
K. Sanguinetti, Kunst- und Verlagsanstalt;
Karl Stücker’s Kunstanstalt, G. m. b. H.;
Ottmar Zieher, Kunstanstalt,
and a special company "Künstler-Karten- Herstellungs- und Vertriebs-Gesellschaft m. b. H."

Polyphot continued producing cards until at least the end of the 1930s.

Polyphot 1112-1, posted 1911