ROSE, Paris

We probably have two different publishers here

Rose Paris, at 145 rue du Temple, factory at 111-113 boul. de Strasbourg, Boulogne-sur-Seine (1908), provides the example card of M Bleriot 26 August 1909. (He had made his channel crossing on 25 July). This card has the logo as in the directory entry of 1908.

The second card, ROSE in a diamond, slightly later, is likely a different publisher. This logo doesn't include Paris, although cards of this type were usually produced there. The logo on the example card 1021, posted in 1913, shows the logo of FK Paris (qv) faintly beneath it. Other Rose cards reproduce REX cards, eg ROSE 2148 series is the same as REX 4269.

from 1908 Annuaire-Almanach Didot-Bottin Paris I
ROSE 26 pu1913
ROSE 1021 pu1913
ROSE 1021 pu1913 rev
Rose logo on top of FK Paris logo