Heinrich Ross Kunstdruck-Gesellschaft m.b.H, Berlin

Heinrich Ross produced cards himself with the horse logo as early as 1901, before his association with ROTOPHOT. Within a few years he joined the Rotophot firm, and in 1907 formed the RPH-Ross affiliate company Ross Bromsilber Vertriebs-Gesellschaft m.b.H. Berlin which has a separate entry on this site. Ross Bromsilver cards used a logo with the RPH roundel under the horse. The advert, from Berliner Adressbuch issue 1907 shows the existence at that time of two Ross companies. The Rotochrom mark is associated with the Heinrich Ross company and presumably lapsed with the formation of Ross Bromsilber. Cards from the Rotochrom 6005 shoot were reissued by Ross Bromsilber (recoloured) as RPH-ROSS series 2256.

The example card ROSS 8056-5 lacks the roundel but is not actually one of the pre-Ross Bromsilber cards, rather from the 1920s by the look of it. It is an example of some RPH-Ross cards marked only with the horse and is discussed further on the Ross Bromsilber page..

Ross adverts 1907
ROSS 8056-5
Rotochrom 6005
Rotochrom 6005 Verso